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(Protein) Cookie Dough Stuffed Chocolate French Toast

Confession: I’m not entirely sure that I like French toast. It’s a strange situation. I crave French toast sometimes, and then I eat it and decide I don’t like it. And then I find myself in the mood for it again. And it’s this strange cycle of unknown feelings about French toast. The main reason… Continue reading (Protein) Cookie Dough Stuffed Chocolate French Toast


How To Start a Healthy Lifestyle

Finding a Healthy Lifestyle That Works For You First of all, health means something very different to everyone. To me, being healthy means maintaining a moderately active lifestyle and balancing the healthy & non-healthy foods I eat. Your healthy lifestyle may be completely different; there is no one size fits all approach. I completely believe… Continue reading How To Start a Healthy Lifestyle

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My “Eat Clean” Story &Why I Cut My Sugar Intake

Not many people know my “eat clean” story, but its long and fairly boring, so I’m going toΒ try to keep it somewhat short. Emphasis on try. I went to see a nutritionist last April, becauseΒ of my fruit allergy. I was afraid I wasn’t getting the right nutrients, and I knew my sugar intake was out… Continue reading My “Eat Clean” Story &Why I Cut My Sugar Intake

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Brownie Batter Bean Balls

Baking with beans is extremely intimidating. Nothing about bean brownies sounded appealing to me, but I decided to go for it a while ago and was totally surprised by the outcome (I’ll share that recipe soon!). After making the bean brownies, and tasting the amazing bean creations ofΒ Pure Genius ProvisionsΒ (I did a review of them… Continue reading Brownie Batter Bean Balls